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Marilyn Collins


A short documentary about communities in London initiating action to restore their local watercourses. I filmed activists in Lewisham, Haringey and Enfield, edited the footage with a little help uploading, and completed the work shortly before lockdown. It was shown at Green on the Screen in Crouch End in February 2019, and at the west wales Arts centre in Fishguard in March 2024, where it helped to inspire the formation of a local river action group.

This video was played in the vesica piscis shaped base of Intersect in St Paul's Cathedra.. It features clips from the film 'The Chthonic and the Sublime' with a vocal and Ilimba improvisation from Annalouise Oakland

The chaotic movement of a pool of water interferes with a projected film as it is bounced onto the water. This work was a collaboration with Polish artis Wojtek Kazimierczak, and the film shows travellers in the passageway out of Katowice station

'Untide' is a sound recording of words spoken as I walked along the seashore in Paleochora interwoven with whispered ancestral voices. It was exhibited at the Triange Gallery, Texas as part of 'Horen is Sehen', a project curated by Austrian artist Gue Schmidt. Edited by Josef Schram.

I needed to clear space in my tiny studio in London, so I took these papier mache heads to the Meadow Orchard and burned them.

This is the piece of ivy in Hoap of a Tree (on the 'Figures' page). I found it on the Parkland Walk where it had been wrapped around a tree which was cut down. It appeared to be around the same shape and size as me. 2015

Le Dejeuner sur L'Herbe was a collaboration with film maker Cheryl James. the words are those of deep ecologist Paul Shepard. (Coming Home to the Pleistocene. 1998)

'Watersong' - (thanks to the Incredible String Band) performed at St Saviours Church, Pimlico in 2014. The song celebrates water, and the lyrics venture into details of the then upcoming Rosetta probe with its mission to learn about the provenance of water on our planet, and the ongoing pollution of the Fukushima disaster.

Vortex Flotilla - made almost entirely from refuse picked up on the streets of London, this was shown at the Sculpture trail in Hebden Bridge 2002

Rikki Tikki Teifi, A mirror image of he beautiful river Teifi filmed as it passes under the old bridge in Cardigan

The chaotic movement of a pool of water interferes with a projected film as it is bounced onto the wall. This work was a collaboration with Wojtek Kazimierczak

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