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Stepping off the wheel


Marilyn Collins


                            Marilyn Collins is an artist working with figurative sculpture, film, communities and the natural world           

                            Using the figure as a vehicle for transformation, and exploring the narrative qualities of flowing water


                            The wildness of our genome, the plight of domesticated species – the slaves that enable what we call civilization.  The positive determination of beings to fulfil a role                              and lifestyle suited to their nature in a world in which production and value have acceded.


                            Giving a voice and  visibility, to the vast kingdoms of ‘other’ that have been created as human needs narrow the territory of the ‘others’. The ontological uncertainty                                of dependent relations, replacing interdependence.





Marilyn Collins 'Blue Light was my baby'.jpg
Marilyn Collins Sceptres and orbs.JPG
blue light was my baby 2.jpg

The blue light was my baby

stepping off the wheel 1.jpg
Marilyn Collins 'Soldiers in my heart' (2).jpg
Marilyn Collins 'Soldiers in my heart' detail.JPG
Lockdown lair.JPG

most of the work on this page was completed during lockdown

Lockdown ludo

we play lockdown ludo

soldiers in my heart

 an older work  related to 'Blue light was my baby'

a film of my studio
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