Marilyn Collins

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Aglaia, Thalia and Ephrosyne  have been found

in ancient Crete and Anatolia, and were the patrons of banquets, dancing and night festivities. By the 19th Century they embodied the feminine virtues valued by aristocratic young ladies.

These three amazing disgraces are exploring the values embodied in their ancient  roots

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Using the figure as a vehicle for transformation, and exploring the narrative qualities of flowing water


The wildness of our genome, the plight of domesticated species – the slaves that enable what we call civilization.  The positive determination of beings to fulfil a role and lifestyle suited to their nature in a world in which production and value have acceded.


Giving a voice and visual signifier, visibility, to the vast kingdoms of ‘other’ that have been created as human needs narrow the territory of the ‘others’. The ontological uncertainty of dependent relations, replacing interdependence.  Paradigm shift deniers. Terra-ists.v. Exponential destructive growth of the apex predator with its sentimental self regard.


identification with objects


telluric matrix


polymorphous cathartic transformation


heavy metal thunder